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The most important is that, unlike other materials, as in the end, not over time lose

cushioning. First pair of running shoes with Nike Air cushion is the 1979 Tailwind.1987,

there was an important milestone, shoe designer Tinker Hatfield dug a hole in the bottom,

so Air Max Air-sole shoes in the air showing off outside. This is the birth of Max Air

technology. Not only is the first time you can see Nike air-cushion and cushion more,

provide better impact protection.In 1995, NIKE's research has shifted, try Zoom Air

technology greatly reduces the thickness of the bottom. Zoom Air affixed to the flexible

feature provides a new cushioning experience.Affixed to the sense of preferences for

athletes, Zoom air is definitely the best choice. Nike designers also air max 24-7 and nike

air max 2011 in the successful use of the whole palm Max Air cushion, really for the

runners to provide maximum cushioning protection.XXOOZORO09-17